Month: March 2014

My Two Cents: Cunninlynguists “Strange Journey Vol 3”



Mother of God.  This album yo.  I hate to sound like a complete fan girl but seriously, deadass, for real this album is fucking gold.   I feel like I don’t even need to go into how amazing this album feels to the soul.  With mediocre and even luke warm releases lately, Cunninlynguists burst through the codeine induced haze of trap music polluting South to truly represent for real Hip Hop.


Now, when we talk about Cunninlynguist,  we can always expect it to be dope.  We’ve gotten over a decade of amazing joints coming from them.  With Kno’s genius of sampling & beats, and stunning word play by Deacon & Natti, how could we not right?  But like we’ve seen with most highly anticipated albums,  they usually end up being like that one firework you pay $100 for and all it does is piss out sparklers, with no bang.  The essence of disappointment and sadness.  Like a group of small crying 3rd world orphans wearing 1990 misspelled bootleg shirts.  Just leaving your little hip hop heart wanting more.  Kind of like when you leave a strip club.  Not that I would know of such debauchery, but you get my drift.

I had to check it.  So I went onto their bandcamp on Tuesday and got it.  I decided to listen to it on the 3-1/2 hour drive from Cali to Vegas the next morning.  For once in a long, long time, I was able to listen to this whole album, without a “WTF face?”.  I was able to listen to this whole album without skipping one track.  Literally, every track is dope.  Oh! And guess what?  There is no 2Chainz feature!  *does a quick pop-n-lock*.  But what you can find is a laundry list of dope emcees to grace this album and not outshine each other.  Each came with an A game that brought this whole project together.  Even Kno’s unorthodox sampling was right on point.  Where some producers can get a little odd with it, Kno was able to keep it fluid and merge it flawlessly.  I won’t say which recent albums got a little weird on their production but I’m sure some true heads out there can figure it out.

Back in the old blog, I used to go into each track but I’m not going to do that anymore.  I say go to the link below and purchase this album.  You will not be disappointed.  And you can name your price.  So, why yes, you can get it for free for the remedial peeps.   Yeah, unlike Wu coming out with some bullshit “secret album” true Hip Hop is for the masses.  It shouldn’t have a price but we should support.  So go check it. So while most of y’all are still yapping about School Boy Q’s shit or Lord Steppington, this has skyrocketed to the top for me.


Peace … Smokahontas

My Two Cents: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata


I was able to get my hands on a copy of the long awaited collaboration from the grimy Midwest emcee Freddie Gibbs & West Coast’s Madlib.  In some cases, to me, this would be a bad idea.  But this works.  Like how Mexicans put mayonnaise and powdered cheese on corn, makes no fucking sense, but something fucking delicious came of it.

This odd mix works.  Like Ying and Yang, Pinata gives us that perfect balance.  With Madlib’s ill jazzy loops and well orchestrated samples, this forced Gibbs to really push him self to somewhere I don’t think we have ever heard this emcee.


To be perfectly honest, I never really listened to Gibbs.  Although I have always admired his way to deliver grimy rough hood lyrics so fluidly.  Most times we just get rough grunts out of most emcees that go this route.  And Madlib?  Well, don’t have to go into what I could’ve expected from Madlib.  Even if this was just solely instrumentals, it would be dope.  Gibbs opened up another audience to Madlib and vise versa.

Some of the tracks falter lyrically for me but stay afloat with the melodic production from Madlib.  Although I wasn’t crazy about the all the feature artists, but I can say they didn’t outshine Gibbs, which is something we see all too often with joints these days.

So again, overall, I can say this is a solid album.  People who are very defensive of the conscious lyrical content of the underground can let their guard down for a minute and let their hood flag fly.  And as for the hood grimy folks, they can chill and smoke an L to the dope production.

Id put a link for y’all but I’ve seen some site get it blocked so look it up if you want to peep it before you purchase it.  But support your indie artists and be sure to get it when it releases March 18th.


Me? Anti-Mainstream?

Zack Morris

In the almost two years I’ve had Instagram, I’ve gotten every bullshit comment about what I put up. Everything from, “You’re stuck in the 90’s” to “You’re so anti-mainstream it’s annoying”. First off, I hope someone is titty fucking your mother to the beat of a 2 Chainz song as you read this.

Where were we? Oh…yes…

In my defense, like most real Hip Hop supporters, I’d like to say that I support REAL Hip Hop. Sure, there are some dope as productions in the mainstream. Why? Cause they can pay talented producers to create these things.  Just look at “Magna Carta Holy Grail” (Release the Jay Z fan boys).  Sure, I like listening to catchy hooks and shit sometimes.  You know, at the mall but I won’t go out of my way for it.

But they ruin fine production by throwing some watered down nursery rhymes on it.  Like putting ketchup on filet mignon.   Speaking of condiments, let’s pull 2 Chainz away from fucking your mother to admire the lyrical content of one of his hits:

“Mustard, ketchup, I take pills, expert
Kitchen all pyrexed up, if my dick talked it’d say “next up” (dang)”

Then a lyric from the late Eyedea (Micheal Larsen):

“Empathy is the poor man’s cocaine And love is just a chemical by any other name”

Yes, two different styles, but if I had to write a college paper or have my child exposed to, which one would I chose?

Yeah, yeah.  I know we can’t go back blah blah.  But there was a time where corporate men who know NOTHING of out culture didn’t use the music we listen to to control the masses.  They don’t want people of the Hip Hop culture to expand their minds.  They want us to stay in this party era with Molly and funny dances.  I say fuck that shit and give me dope beats, stimulating lyrical content, and education for all.  

I don’t get paid to do this.  I work a 9-5 profession cause we call have to pimp the system.  But I go out of my way to try to promote and enlighten people of the real Hip Hop culture.  I don’t do it cause I think I’m the say all and know all of Hip Hop.  No, the beautiful thing about our culture is that we are always learning.  So to assume that I think I know it all, you are implying that I am closed minded.  

I can go on forever on this subject.  I may revisit at a later time but for now I feel like I made my point.

So next time you think I’m anti-mainstream.  I’ll so eloquently put that to remember that it’s my fucking shit and I’ll do whatever I want.  Peace.


“Hip Hop Heads”

If I can take all people who front on social media about Hip Hop, I’d line them up, and shoot them with a gun that would propel extra long dildos at their face. Seriously.


Scrolling through my feed on Instagram I find myself wandering aimlessly and ending up on someone’s page where they claim to be a “Hip Hop head”. Okay, that is a term that can be used very loosely. What determines what a Hip Hop head is? I don’t fucking know. But one thing I know for sure it you have to understand Hip Hop culture as a whole. Not just assume because you downloaded “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” that you are suddenly a Hip Hop head. Or reposting something you saw on a Hip Hop page and claiming you have been listening to it since they came out. Really? How so if their first LP came out in 93 and your ass is 18?

The internet is polluted with these people. These chicks with more foundation and contouring than a drag queen. Colored contacts, extensions, cleavage and ass shots exposed on one post then the next you have Necro post? We get it, you’re cool with your vape pens and your MF DOOM poster. Oh J Dilla saved your life? That Wu Tang tattoo tho! So dope. I wish when I was your age I had the internet too! Like my girl Kay says, “Sit the fuck down and take off that Forever 21 purchased Wu shirt off!” Hold yourselves like the Gods and Earths that you truly should be and shut the fuck up and pick up a book.

What’s worse is that I have actually stopped going to venues because of the hipster fuck fest it has become. Take for instance Rock the Bells. I come from an era where Rock the Bells was truly a Hip Hop festival. I remember 2009 RTB was one of the best experiences of my life. The whole vibe of it was fucking ill. Then for shits and giggles (and cause I got free tickets) I went to RTB’s 2012. It was like stepping into the Twilight Zone. It became me weaving in and out of young Hip Hop groupies with too much Bath & Body Works lotion on ready to blow Immortal Technique and hipster fucks with too much Curve on.

What in titty fucking Christ happened? Where were my backpack heads in the middle of cyphers b-boys battling, and heads discussing new underground Hip Hop over blunts filled with the dopest Cali weed? I looked back at a friend of mine and asked, “WTF happened to this place?” But let’s not take away too much from this new generation. For we as the old school heads are kind of obligated to guide these young head in the culture. But finding these ones is like finding a relevant purpose for Waka Flaka’s existence.

There are some out there that truly have taken the Hip Hop culture and have kept it organic. Let’s just say this piece came from multiple convos with frustrated heads on Instagram. Some of you are the dopest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. You have put me on music, art, written work, etc. For that it makes me know for sure our culture is still alive and thriving.

So kids, moral of the story, stop being a fronting cunt and learn. If this piece hit a nerve, or offended you… you’re probably one of the ones we make fun of on DM’s…

Peace …

My Two Cents: School Boy Q Oxymoron



So, unless an album moves me, I don’t feel a need to do a full review on them anymore.  So I’ll start calling this posts “My Two Cents”.  Cause it’s that, my opinion.  Regardless, I was asked by a follower of what I thought about this last night.  Coincidentally, I had just put this on my IPod. 

First off, I don’t go by what artist portray themselves physically.  Just look at Effect who looks like Kevin Smith but can hold a mic with some of the dopest emcees.  But it seriously grosses me out seeing School Boy’s taco meat and man titties every so slightly accessorized by swap meet or prison style tattoos.  So I opted to just give it the old college try.

So diving into it, I can honestly say I heard worse.  But I was not moved… Maybe I’m just not gangster enough for this.  I mean, I was willing to overlook the 2Chainz feature on the track listing but come on son.  I grew up in the West where we represented hard body.  I know, I know, Hip Hop evolves blah blah… but I just felt like this was … mediocre.  Luke warm.   I feel that School Boy Q is a better feature artist than carrying his own weight in this.  This whole LP seems cookie cutter hip hopish to float across airwaves and fill the catalogs of MacBook DJ’s. 

Although, there are some tracks with some production and some verses that will probably grow on me.  I honestly don’t see why so many people are praising this joint. Again, I’m still going to give it some time, let some tracks come over in shuffle, but we’ll see how it will go.  But so far…

Oh L’Orange, You popped this blog’s cherry…

Yo, what better why than to have L’Orange be one of the first ones to grace this new blog..

As the pre-step daddy “Are we there yet?” actor, Ice Cube would say, “Today was a good day”. With the announcement of L’Orange’s new album “Orchid Days” coming out April 8th, this was a must pre-order. So dope I decided to make it my first office Hip Hop post. Check out the full single “Need You” feat Blu.

Allow yourself to absorb the pure hip hop… don’t worry, I’ll wait.