Oh L’Orange, You popped this blog’s cherry…

Yo, what better why than to have L’Orange be one of the first ones to grace this new blog..

As the pre-step daddy “Are we there yet?” actor, Ice Cube would say, “Today was a good day”. With the announcement of L’Orange’s new album “Orchid Days” coming out April 8th, this was a must pre-order. So dope I decided to make it my first office Hip Hop post. Check out the full single “Need You” feat Blu.

Allow yourself to absorb the pure hip hop… don’t worry, I’ll wait.

One comment

  1. This whole project is so dope ! I love that track ” Need You” ft Blu and Mind vs Matter Ft Homeboy Sandman 👌👌😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 man I’m falling in love with all your posts 😳 Lol … ✌️❤️🎶

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