“Hip Hop Heads”

If I can take all people who front on social media about Hip Hop, I’d line them up, and shoot them with a gun that would propel extra long dildos at their face. Seriously.


Scrolling through my feed on Instagram I find myself wandering aimlessly and ending up on someone’s page where they claim to be a “Hip Hop head”. Okay, that is a term that can be used very loosely. What determines what a Hip Hop head is? I don’t fucking know. But one thing I know for sure it you have to understand Hip Hop culture as a whole. Not just assume because you downloaded “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” that you are suddenly a Hip Hop head. Or reposting something you saw on a Hip Hop page and claiming you have been listening to it since they came out. Really? How so if their first LP came out in 93 and your ass is 18?

The internet is polluted with these people. These chicks with more foundation and contouring than a drag queen. Colored contacts, extensions, cleavage and ass shots exposed on one post then the next you have Necro post? We get it, you’re cool with your vape pens and your MF DOOM poster. Oh J Dilla saved your life? That Wu Tang tattoo tho! So dope. I wish when I was your age I had the internet too! Like my girl Kay says, “Sit the fuck down and take off that Forever 21 purchased Wu shirt off!” Hold yourselves like the Gods and Earths that you truly should be and shut the fuck up and pick up a book.

What’s worse is that I have actually stopped going to venues because of the hipster fuck fest it has become. Take for instance Rock the Bells. I come from an era where Rock the Bells was truly a Hip Hop festival. I remember 2009 RTB was one of the best experiences of my life. The whole vibe of it was fucking ill. Then for shits and giggles (and cause I got free tickets) I went to RTB’s 2012. It was like stepping into the Twilight Zone. It became me weaving in and out of young Hip Hop groupies with too much Bath & Body Works lotion on ready to blow Immortal Technique and hipster fucks with too much Curve on.

What in titty fucking Christ happened? Where were my backpack heads in the middle of cyphers b-boys battling, and heads discussing new underground Hip Hop over blunts filled with the dopest Cali weed? I looked back at a friend of mine and asked, “WTF happened to this place?” But let’s not take away too much from this new generation. For we as the old school heads are kind of obligated to guide these young head in the culture. But finding these ones is like finding a relevant purpose for Waka Flaka’s existence.

There are some out there that truly have taken the Hip Hop culture and have kept it organic. Let’s just say this piece came from multiple convos with frustrated heads on Instagram. Some of you are the dopest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. You have put me on music, art, written work, etc. For that it makes me know for sure our culture is still alive and thriving.

So kids, moral of the story, stop being a fronting cunt and learn. If this piece hit a nerve, or offended you… you’re probably one of the ones we make fun of on DM’s…

Peace …


  1. Omg the flying dildos! I luv it!!
    Im not a hip hop head, and I dont claim to be. I’ve loved hip hop since I was 7, and my sister played five minutes of funk. I wrote out the lyrics as s poetry assigment . Not plagiarized but teach asked us to write out something we admired.
    My Dad listened to the blues, bb, muddy, robert j, etc, louis etc and its best memories I have of a fairly , colorful crazy chaotic childhood. I grew up in Cleveland Ohio, Massachusetts, new Hampshire then yanked to the rural Maine. Never ever felt like I fit in, so I gravitated toward hip hop bc it felt so real to me when nothing else didn (And acdc and led zep bc I lived in maine and I had no choice. )Im.not a metal head but I do like collabos esp when Run dmc did them bc my brother was a metal head and we bonded over the collabos.
    A lot of “moms” & even some of my friends dont get my luv of hip hop. I dont luv all of it. , I have children and there is only so much degradation of women I can get bleeped out. But I like a lot of it. For the beat & the lyrics.
    Anyways I liked your blog, your unapologetic tone, I wish I had more of that in my writing. You are a good writer and I have enjoyed following you on instagram ,& look forward to more blogs

    1. 😂 I love that you’re a mom that loves Hip Hop. It makes my heart smile lol

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. My last attempt at a blog did t go so well. I’m hoping this time will be better.

      Thank you again … 😊

  2. OK so you know I had to comment on this. First off, afuckinmen. Have me rolling over here.
    Social media has its advantages and definite disadvantages. The hip hop community has a chance to unite from all over the world. Share knowledge, hip hop old and new, build on the culture and just straight bullshit.
    As for the disadvantages… you already said it. How easy it is to abuse hip hop when you got youngins fiending for likes. Guys will be on a female who’s into hip hop like ants finding 1 crumb. “Damn this girl is hot and like Doom, let me worship her.”
    People need to understand this is a CULTURE and not a fad. They need to sit down, listen to more Jeru and take notes. (Where the Gods and Earths at?)
    Yoo don’t even get me started on the so-called “spiritual” community. It’s the same thing. They’ll claim they are “enlightened” on their bio yet their posts show the opposite.
    Anyways! Keep teaching these kids queen!

    1. Boom… this is why you are and still are one my favorite accounts on IG!

      And yes, the spiritual community is just as bad. They have never picked up a book… Again, another ploy to have people assume they are what they are not.

      Thank you again for your feedback… It’s always appreciated.

      Peace Queen.

  3. wow toooook the words out my fucking mouth!!!! I love your IG account btw 🙌🙌🙌 “where were my backpack heads..” 👌

  4. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Omg I fucking agree !!! I’m 32 yrs old I grew up listening to REAL HIP HOP … It’s a lifestyle ..I use to go to Project Blowed almost every thursday with my crew just to for the love of underground hip hop … Everything is so different now , I went to Rock the Bells 2009…Definitely one of my favorites but my Favorite RTB was in 2007 When I got to see R.A.T.M, Hieroglyphics, The Roots were there too and MF DOOM !! The best!! You’re a true hip hop head much respect… been reading all you “my 2 cents” blogs Super dope!! And I absolutely love all you IG posts… Keep bringing that REAL hip hop !!! much respect! Erica !

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