Me? Anti-Mainstream?

Zack Morris

In the almost two years I’ve had Instagram, I’ve gotten every bullshit comment about what I put up. Everything from, “You’re stuck in the 90’s” to “You’re so anti-mainstream it’s annoying”. First off, I hope someone is titty fucking your mother to the beat of a 2 Chainz song as you read this.

Where were we? Oh…yes…

In my defense, like most real Hip Hop supporters, I’d like to say that I support REAL Hip Hop. Sure, there are some dope as productions in the mainstream. Why? Cause they can pay talented producers to create these things.  Just look at “Magna Carta Holy Grail” (Release the Jay Z fan boys).  Sure, I like listening to catchy hooks and shit sometimes.  You know, at the mall but I won’t go out of my way for it.

But they ruin fine production by throwing some watered down nursery rhymes on it.  Like putting ketchup on filet mignon.   Speaking of condiments, let’s pull 2 Chainz away from fucking your mother to admire the lyrical content of one of his hits:

“Mustard, ketchup, I take pills, expert
Kitchen all pyrexed up, if my dick talked it’d say “next up” (dang)”

Then a lyric from the late Eyedea (Micheal Larsen):

“Empathy is the poor man’s cocaine And love is just a chemical by any other name”

Yes, two different styles, but if I had to write a college paper or have my child exposed to, which one would I chose?

Yeah, yeah.  I know we can’t go back blah blah.  But there was a time where corporate men who know NOTHING of out culture didn’t use the music we listen to to control the masses.  They don’t want people of the Hip Hop culture to expand their minds.  They want us to stay in this party era with Molly and funny dances.  I say fuck that shit and give me dope beats, stimulating lyrical content, and education for all.  

I don’t get paid to do this.  I work a 9-5 profession cause we call have to pimp the system.  But I go out of my way to try to promote and enlighten people of the real Hip Hop culture.  I don’t do it cause I think I’m the say all and know all of Hip Hop.  No, the beautiful thing about our culture is that we are always learning.  So to assume that I think I know it all, you are implying that I am closed minded.  

I can go on forever on this subject.  I may revisit at a later time but for now I feel like I made my point.

So next time you think I’m anti-mainstream.  I’ll so eloquently put that to remember that it’s my fucking shit and I’ll do whatever I want.  Peace.



  1. Nice breakdown. Most of my music both hip-hop and otherwise is from the 60’s-early 2000. I have to admit that I do get caught up sometimes with songs on the radio if i go out, but I’ll take a tribe song over asap any day.

  2. Keep doing what you’re doing. Anyone who has a problem with it is not a fan of Hip Hop. That shit on the radio cannot compare to music with substance. For anyone to try and argue that point is ridiculous and sad. Are we really to the point the people are defending this BS? That mind control is stronger than I thought. People can like whatever they want but when it comes to measuring emcees facts are facts. For example: Fact Homeboy Sandman is a better emcee than Future. Someone might like Future better (I don’t know why) but they cannot win the argument that he is a better emcee than Homeboy Sandman. This culture does have standards and an individual’s skills can be measured against them . Anyone who does not know this must not be involved in the culture. They just like pop music.

  3. I feel you completely, I can tell you almost exactly when I stopped listening to mainstream Hip Hop. It was when that stupid Bling bling song came out and I was coming out of Basic training into AIT at Aberdeen. That song was everywhere and that’s when I couldn’t listen to Hip Hop any more even though some good some where poping out here and there. I just started listening to Oldies, Funk, Old School Rap, Cumbias, Rancheras and Metal for the longest.

    I when to Korea as my first duty station and I took a Lil Rob and Knight owl Cd’s and for the a long time the only music that played on my Walkman was Chicano/Cholo Rap. Then I went to Ft Polk LA and the same thing, and all the way through the invasion of Iraq. When I came back and went on leave that’s when my brother in law put some Immortal Tech on the radio and after that is been nothing but Underground Hip Hop for me.

    It was also pretty hard for me to find good music since I knew no one while I in the active Army that listened to Underground Hip Hop. Everywhere I went was the same shit playing on the radio or other people’s cars. Specially when I was overseas (Iraq, Afghanistan, Italy). Most time I had to buy my shit by asking my brother to send me some music or coming back on leave and spend hundreds of dollars at Amoeba or other music stores.

    If I have to put it in my own way I would say Underground Hip Hop is that woman that cooks for you is intelligent, is fit and you can have the best relationship ever. While today’s mainstream is that basic bitch that can’t cook and everything on her, from tits to eyelashes is fake.

    I love Oldies, Funk, and other types of music but Hip Hop will always come first she is the wifey while Heavy Metal is the side chick

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