PSA: When people say “Hip Hop is Dead/Gone/Etc.”




First off, fuck off.  I really fucking hate when people say this shit.  Hip Hop is “dead”, “gone”, “not the same”.  Just because Nas said it you niggas act like it was gospel.

You see I come from an era where most of the Hip Hop I listened to was underground anyways.  Yeah sure, I miss hearing the radio and the airwaves was full of quality shit.  But in the internet “information age” we are in, quality Hip Hop is everywhere.

Discussing this topic with a popular 90’s Hip Hop page on IG’.  His statement was “taking Hip Hop back”.  My response simply was, “Hip Hop never went anywhere though”.  When he then responded simply, “Left the mainstream”.

Okay, sure, we can say it left the “mainstream” but how true is that statement?  It made me think.
“Well, I like Action Bronson, and to me that’s not underground. He’s signed with Atlantic Records and was linked  to Warner Brothers.  So has it really left mainstream?”.
This is exactly why I have opted to use the term “indie Hip Hop” rather than underground too much these days.  To me underground takes me back to being a 15 year backpack head in the record store being passed a CD that my boys brother just brought back from being stationed in Indiana.

So when you say “take Hip Hop back” my response is always “was is gone?”.  When they say “Hip Hop is dead” my response is “fuck off”.  You are insulting mother Hip Hop you fucks.  Hip Hop never went anywhere, we probably can’t ever expect the airwaves to revert to it’s 1994 ways.  So suck it up.  Hip Hop does not live underground, but in me and everyone keeping this culture fresh.


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