My Two Cents: “NehruvianDOOM”



Alright… So again, unlike other sites, I’m not going to give you a long winded breakdown of the album.  But what I’ll give you is my uncensored two cents because at the end of the day it’s just my opinion and no one should lose sleep over it unless I’m fucking you… So here we go kids…

NehruvianDOOM was long awaited for me, like most.  Me already being a big DOOM head and also a fan of Bishop Nehru since he burst onto the scene at 15 (backed by NAS).  I have been able to network myself pretty well since starting Live Elements and was one of the lucky ones to receive a leaked copy early.  So I dove in and have more than ample opportunity to have several weeks for this to sink in.  I also handed over a copy to one of the biggest DOOM heads I know to give me his honest opinion on it.  (Note: Just because you receive a digital copy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support your indie artist.  So purchase their music.)

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First off … let me start this by saying if you guys were expecting DOOM verses to dominate this album, you probably have a sore anus right now.  I have learned over the past few years not to expect too much from albums I am really excited about because it will only lead to that problem you’re probably experiencing.

Second, I’ve read so many comments on IG about how “Nehru isn’t strong enough”, “The album was boring,”, “Why does it suck so bad?”, and blah blah blah.  Okay, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Ummm WTF were y’all doing at 18?  Not recording an album with DOOM.”  Right?  Okay, so this caused me to sit back and really analyze why people were tearing apart an album I honestly… enjoy.

Then I thought, what if DOOM took these same instrumentals and slapped a Special Herbs label on it?  Y’all same mother fuckers would probably be praising it’s genius.  Cause by all means, y’all are DOOM heads right?  Of course you are!!! Oh wait what was that?  You wanted more DOOM on this?  Fucking stans yo… It isn’t Madvillain 2… so get that preconceived notion out your head and wait patiently for that like rest of us.


Well, think about this.  DOOM isn’t one to work with anyone.  He saw something in this young MC that caused him to want to do this.  Sure, Nehru isn’t seasoned, but it RAW talent.  Organic as fuck. What you possess in your hands is a piece of history. It’s the kids first album with an underground legend and the first fully produced DOOM album since “Bring Me to Your Leader”.  So you think that DOOM was just to pick any young little Soundcloud MC to grace that album?  Nahhh right?  But what you do see is DOOM stepping back and creating a foundation for a young MC.  What if DOOM were to have 50% of the verses on here?  It would overshadow Nehru and would be like a mouse standing next to Goliath.

And I’ve said it before in previous posts on Live Elements, as much as I believe Joey Bada$$ can hold his own mic, I’ll take Bishop Nehru.  I’ve said this BEFORE I even knew he was going to work with DOOM.  MC’s especially being so young still are finding their style and ways.  I think Nehru has untapped potential in him and even DOOM was quoted as saying, “MC’s are born.  You can’t make an MC out of someone who wasn’t meant to do this.” when speaking of Bishop Nehru.  So what now?  Y’all were fan boys over the single and album art n shit right?

But there are some heads that I truly take their opinion and trust 100% that it comes with valid reasons on their end.  Not just on some, “Mannn shit was weak.  DOOM ain’t even really on it.”  Fuck off and open your minds and think beyond what you were expecting.  If you do this with every album, you’ll see how much more you’ll appreciate the shit for what it is.


So then I waited on the biggest DOOM head I knows opinion on it.  And this is what DOOM guy said, “I enjoyed it and that’s all that fucking matters.  This shit ain’t for everyone.”  There y’all go.  Different strokes for different folks.  You can’t please everyone.  There are people out there that will love it or hate it.  Or find shit to complain about it.  Yeah sure I can tear it apart and judge but why?  He’s a young artist being supported by one of my favorite producers/MC of all time.  He’s still finding his way.  But just like if I had “NehruvianDOOM” in one hand and Cormega’s “Mega Philosophy” in another over a cliff , I’d drop Cormega’s ass cause his ass should know better.

Just like that y’all different strokes… I happen to like that stroke from someone in a DOOM mask…

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Rebecca  –  Live Elements


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