Month: November 2014

To Love a Female Hip Hop Head


So, its been a while since I’ve posted anything. I had a lot of plans to write about the some recent releases and the AOTP show I attended in LA recently.  But life throws curve-balls at you.  In most cases, I wouldn’t mind balls thrown at me, but this wasn’t the fun kind.

So what to write?  Well, usually I’m ready to talk shit but I wanted to talk about something I have had a lot of time to think about.  Ya know, soft shit.  Like puppies and MCM’s n shit.  First off, my blog states “Life of a Hip Hop Head”. So I why not write about something that is important to every woman, Love.  Cause Hip Hop heads need lovin’ too right? But not in the typical sense, but in the “What it’s like to love a Hip Hop Head”.  I can’t speak for all females, so I am going to speak for myself, a serious female Hip Hop enthusiast.

I’m not the usual kind of woman that you come across. Most so called female heads will  consider themselves a head because they have an IPod with some Nas & Wu-Tang.  Is there anything wrong with it? Depends what kind of mood I’m in when you ask.  But really, nah, I don’t judge.  This is why Live Elements is so near and dear to my heart.  Because I like to spread good quality Hip Hop. No one is more Hip Hop than Hip Hop. So go fuck yourself.

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So where was I? Ahhh yes, Cuban B.  Yeah so again, I’m not the usual female head you come across.  Hip Hop consumes a huge portion of my life.  It isn’t everything, but music in general consumes my life.  Whether it’s Live Elements, crate digging, research, networking, shows, etc. It consumes a huge portion.  So when I take into consideration a person to date, them being a head is vital.  I’ve tried to date men who weren’t heads, and it didn’t work. I tried dating someone who claims to be a head and I ended up being the one teaching them, so that shit didn’t work. So what the fuck? I need a real underground head. Someone below the basement.   Cause for real yo,  I’m so into Hip Hop that an underground DJ that once dated told me and I quote; “You’re way too involved with Hip Hop. It’s like you’re in a relationship with it and I can’t compete.” That’s how much I’m committed to Hip Hop.

It’s always been easy for me to say that I am in love with Hip Hop, or that Hip Hop is the love of my life.  It saved me, raised me, and has always been there so why wouldn’t I say that I am in love with Hip Hop? But Hip Hop can’t hump me, buy me tacos, and cuddle with me… so I need a man. But not just a man, a real underground head.


(Please dear baby Jesus)

So what to expect out of loving a real female Hip Hop Head? Well be prepared for music played at an obnoxious level.  Be prepared for her to flow to the lyrics as smooth as Thelonious Monk jazz. Be prepared to have to argue over if the production outweighed the lyricism of a joint.  Be prepared to be “put on” to undiscovered emcees, producers, and unknown samples. Just simply be prepared to have a woman who is insanely passionate about something so infinite.

But to love someone one, comes with work. You have to have your hands deep into crates and your mind deep into the culture. You will have to understand that men are drawn to women that know Hip Hop and you will have to be secure enough to know that she will not allow anyone to take your place. You must be able to devote an entire day to back breaking digging. Or work with me to spread real Hip Hop. You must share the same excitement when I scream and show you a cover and understand my excitement.  You have to be able to sit and listen with an open mind on different joints and debate them with passion.  Not just have me state what I feel and you agree.  You have to sacrifice sleep in order to hit a show and vibe out to what we love.  You also have to know that I will zone out on it. Sometimes for hours and write…

But if you give me this, I promise to write about you.  Page after page of how someone like you finally came into my life. Someone who was able to put ME onto Hip Hop.  Someone who switched the role and made me the student for once. I’d write about how you became the binary star in my universe as we orbit Hip Hop.  How you finally someone who rivaled my knowledge and helped me grow rather than just drain me or used me to feed their ego.

So what is it like to love a female Hip Hop head? Fucking amazing… if he’s strong enough.  Peace.

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