Month: February 2015

Underground Hip Hop: The Bastard Child of Instagram



Y’all see this shit? Y’all see this?! This is that old dick in the booty ass bullshit.  How does this meme get more support for underground than underground itself? But, this meme proved so much to us. Okay, are you ready to hear my two cents? Nahh B, y’all ready to hear my whole fucking pathetic no children to claim ass tax return on this issue?

Okay, I see underground pages aside from my own getting little to no love everyday. But if we post a Wu or Dilla joint, y’all come out the woodwork and piss your little Hip Hop panties.  Or if we post something funny you guys suddenly become supporters.  Why Sway? And don’t get me started on you wack ass Wu Tang hookers.

So you do realize that you’re just showing us what OG underground heads have been whispering in the basements right? That social media “heads” are full of shit.  That y’all are some carbon copy, reposting, lack of originality, biting, googling ass mother fuckers.  Truly embracing the “follower” title.  Yes, I said it.  The truth is like a dick, just open up your throat, breathe out your nose and accept your fate because you’re about to put in work.

Sorry.  I tend to get pretty passionate about this subject.  Just seeing it become trendy and a platform for people to gain attention on social media is pretty fucking irking.  Sure people might read this and be like; “Why this bitch taking this so serious? Why you mad hoe?”.  Well, because fuck your mother that’s why.  Also because I tend to get very defensive of the culture that I’m truly passionate about. This is not a trend. This is a culture I’ve lived since I was a child.  So again, fuck your mother and fuck your Ambrosia for Heads googling asses. PS – No one gives a fuck what online site you “write” for, you’re techincially a glorified cheerleader. So yeah, where was I?  Oh yeah…

So my favorite person in the world currently posted this on his page as kind of a behind the scene test on this very topic we’ve been discussing. Actually, we have both been posting little things to gauge and test if our theories were correct. @HipHop_Essentials stands out from some of the other underground pages as he posts a variety of joints from jazz to samples and his vinyl collection to underground.  His page has attracted a very eclectic mix of followers, so his page served as the perfect platform to test this theory.  Want to know what inspired this peice?  Just look at the differences in support below:

FullSizeRender (1)

(Meme vs Underground Post @HipHop_Essentials)

I even posted some on my page just for shits & giggles.

FullSizeRender (2)

(DOOM mask selfie vs Underground Classic)

And this is the shit that pisses us “pretentious” heads off.  Not that we think we’re better than anyone else.  If that was the fucking case retard, why would we spend countless unpaid hours putting others onto Hip Hop?  Using our networking and research to spead the knowledge.  If we were pretentious assholes we would keep that shit in a closed network like we did pre-internet and y’all would be circle jerking to 36 Chambers for the rest of your lives.

So I decided instead of making this about me venting, I decided to ask some of my fellow underground heads how they felt about underground on Instagram these days.

“The lack of support for Underground Hip Hop is disturbing.  How the hell are you going to claim Hip Hop when you’re not open to new or independent artist? It sucks how these 90’s pages have 10K plus followers and just post the same shit over and over. I wish more pages would give more love to the Underground but deep down we all know that will never happen.  I guess I’m cool with that because that’s what separates the real from the fake.” – @DopestHipHop (Underground Hip Hop Page)

“I think it has a lot to do with age.  I grew up in the 90’s and I usually use that as my bar, not to compare, but to use it as a gauge for the new music.  Having a 90’s Hip Hop page is like a gimmick to obtain likes and followers.  But you have to be a real head to recognize the sound, the skill & wordplay in a dope track.  There are also a lot of critics putting in their two cents but have no clue what they’re talking about.  But to each this own.  Peace to the real Hip Hop heads out there.” @The_Ill_Spot (Underground Hip Hop Page)

“I think people get comfortable with Dilla, Wu & 90’s music and they aren’t willing to stray off the course. The people who dig 90’s music are probably stuck to that music because they are holding onto so type of memories and shit.  Because Dilla & Wu-Tang are highly respected in Hip Hop, people will continue to support the trend.”  – @Kimduizm (Hip Hop Blogger)

“Name recognition is the game.  People follow trends.  People get excited about vinyl (posts) because it’s trendy.  People get excited about DOOM, Dilla, Madlib and Wu because they think it makes them more creditable in the Hip Hop community.  Nas said Hip Hop is dead so they probably believe it’s dead.” – @HipHop_Essentials (Hip Hop Page)


Okay look, I’m an 80’s baby who was raised on 90’s Hip Hop so it does have a close place in my heart.  So this is by no means an attack on the 90’s pages and/or fans (but if you post movie clips you’re fucking retarded and we laugh at you). So before you get your smart ass “pretentious hip hop head” comment locked and loaded, know that I’ve heard it all annndddd I really don’t give a fuck. Sure Wu Tang is forever. Shit, they were my heroes growing up.  Shit, Tribe & Nas flooded my ears also and still rotate in my catalog.  But with all this still circulating, are people still that closed minded to underground Hip Hop? So I guess we just have to accept this and ride out this trend.  We will wait for the watering down of our culture to evaporate and we’ll still be here where we have been since we embraced mother Hip Hop… below the basement.


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