Month: August 2015

Thank you, Ruck.

Sean Price

This isn’t a piece I looked forward to writing.  I don’t know if I can really classify this as anything because with a heavy heart I am aimlessly typing away.  I didn’t want to write this at first, but honestly, I just wanted to thank Ruck for the memories. This isn’t going to bash the bandwagon fans or IG fuckery I see everyday. This isn’t calling anyone out and I don’t have any smart ass jokes.  This won’t be a bunch of facts about Ruck you can find anywhere else online.  It won’t be long winded stories.  In fact, this is just a thank you.  One heads way of thanking the legendary Sean Price.

I woke up that Saturday morning and I reached for my phone to see the glow of missed texts and calls. I squinted at the glare and was dumbfounded when I saw those words mixed within alerts from Instagram and Facebook, “P died”.  I just sat there for a moment hoping it was just some Twitter bullshit.  Some sick joke or rumor.  But when I looked, I saw Duck Down’s statement:

It is with beyond a heavy heart that Duck Down Music is sadly confirming that Sean Price passed away early this morning in his Brooklyn apartment, Saturday, August 8th, 2015. The cause of death is currently unknown, but it was reported that he died in his sleep. He’s survived by his wife, and his three children.

I’m usually not the type to get upset over someone I didn’t know passing.  Guru, Pun and Pumpkin Head hit me hard, but hearing P passed, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  I sat there in shock.  That feeling was indescribable.  Tears streamed as the memories raced through my head.  More tears came thinking of his family.  This one hit hard. I came to see quickly, I wasn’t the only one.


Speaking with some older heads (30 +), this hit us differently.  This in no way bashing the younger heads nor am I saying that this didn’t effect you but you have to realize how this effected us.  Put yourselves in our place.  It’s 1996, I’m 14 years old and Nocturnal came crashing in my world. I was the weird chick with a discman in my hand and my backpack consisted of more weight from a CD book and spray cans than actual books.  Already familiar with the Boot Camp Clik but just discovering P as a strong emcee coming into his own.


Listening to Heltah Skeltah P stood out.  I had a rotation of emcees that made me think, laugh and some like P that made me just make faces because it was that dope.  But the God P Body’s words shook my speakers.  Allowed me to lose myself in the only thing that made complete sense to me at that age, Hip Hop.  And Sean Price’s voice and words were one of those that carried me through those years. Though some of the most vital times in my life.  High School to now in my early 30’s.  P’s voice has been there.

In a time where social media calls everything underrated and classic, P was truly underrated.  From his stage presence to the way he bodied every feature, P was one of those that are once in a lifetime.

So I’ll end with this…

Sean, you’ve touched so many people with your music and humor.  Your passing was hard but you also opened the door for two of your fans to lay to rest old drama and move on.  For that I thank you as you gave me peace in that chapter of my life as you have in others. We’ll miss you P.  Rest easy and thank you for the memories. giphy