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My Favorite Albums of 2015

So here we are again.  I was opposed to doing this at first because honestly, only a handful of mother fuckers care and the others will just use this as a reference to post on their own page.  Regardless, I’m doing it as a journal of shit I’ve really enjoyed through the years.

I’ll keep this short and get to what this is about.  I stated via my Twitter , that for me, 2015 was a year of the beatmakers.  Being a head since the early 90’s I’ve been lucky enough to see this culture evolve.  Not always good, but the underground is definitely thriving.  And 2015 has been huge for instrumental projects.  If you follow my personal IG page, you will see that I have been pretty much stuck on them all year long.

But there have been ups and downs, great albums but also some terrible losses.  We lost two underground emcees this year.  Rest easy Pumpkinhead and Sean P.  Losing you two this year will make me never forget 2015.  Thank you again for your words and memories.

So let’s get to this.  To clarify as in previous years, this is not a top or ranking list.  This is just a gathering of shit I’ve enjoyed this year.  And just because it’s not on this list doesn’t mean it wasn’t dope.  Doesn’t mean I didn’t support it.  This simply just a fucking list.  And special thank you to one of my favorite people ever @HipHop_Essentials  for reminding me of some of these albums. You are appreciated *Tupac voice*.


Hashfinger – Kites
This has been an instrumental album I’ve been fangirling over all year. Pretty much obsessed with him and his work.  Support here.

Spit Gemz – Godly Features
Raw gritty NY underground.  One of my favorite emcees still to this day, he dropped this amazing project.  Support here.

Blabbermouf – BackWitDaBoomAndBlabberastikRhymes
Hailing from the Netherlands, Blabbermouf takes us back to them 90 Boom Bap days. Support here.

Brock Berrigan – Diamond in the Rough
Another Instrumental album that will be in heavy rotation this year. Even though I also really dug the his other release this year but this one stole my heart. Support here.

UGeorge – The Many Faces of UGeorge
This album took me by surprise.  Respect the vets.  UGeorge still got it.  Support here.

Tek & Figub – The Everyday Headnod
As the title describes … Peep and support here.

Dimepeace – Maybe It’s Us
Just off the cover alone makes me love this album.  But what fills your ears is just as amazing.  Support here.

The Four Owls – Natural Order
Consisting of all seasoned UK emcee/producers this album opened many eyes to overseas culture.  Support here.

Union Blak – Street English
Effiscienz dropped jewels this year this being one.  Support here.

Mr. Green – Live From the Streets
I don’t need to go into this one.  I’m sure plenty are familiar.  Still an amazing project.  Support here.

Dr. Yen Lo – Days With Dr. Yen Lo
When Ka and Preservation came together for Dr. Yen Lo greatness occurred.  I’m not picking favorites but if I had to this one would be way up there this year.  Support here.

Jazz Spastiks & Rebels to the Grain – Unkut Fresh
Early this year when JS & Rebels released Tapes I nearly lost my shit. This is definitely in regular rotation.  Support here.

Don Miguel – Waiting for Carmine
NYC producer Don Miguel brings us a solid album.  I really enjoyed this one the more I listened.  Support here.

Oldy Clap & DJ Skandal – Dust Dealers
Production by Oldy Clap & Cuts from DJ Skandal.  Amazing work.  Support here.

Dexter – Palmen & Beats
Anyone who truly knows me,knows I’m obsessed with Dexter’s work.  This album didn’t disappoint me at all. Support here.

June Marx – Love & War
Again, people who know me also know June Marx is one of my favorite emcee/producers. This one was my favorite of his releases this year.  Support here.

Ghostface Killah & Badbadnotgood – Sour Soul
I’m sure most have already peeped this so no need to get into it. Simply one ill fucking album in rotation. Support here.

Juju Rogers – From the Life of Good-For-Nothing
This album is definitely one of my favorite releases this year.  Jakarta Records has made a couple of appearances on this list.  Really looking forward to what Juju has in store in coming years.  Support here.

Res One – Delph Efficacy
I feel like I might be saying everyone could be my favorite at this point.  So I’m simply going to say I enjoyed the shit out of this album.  Support here.

Starvin B & Fel Sweetenberg – Soul Museum
When I heard that Effiscienz was bringing us this collab I almost pissed myself.  Then when I heard it I seriously fangirled. Effiscienz consistently is bringing us heat and this album didn’t disappoint. Support here.

Kognitif – Soul Food
Kognitif by ways of France bringing us a solid album.  Simply amazing.  Support here.

Pigeondust – Moon, Wisdom & Slackness
Cold Busted is constantly bringing us some of the illest beatmakers.  This album will stay in regular rotation.  Support here.

Jazz Jousters – The Vault – Best of the Jazz Jousters
An amazing compilation of instrumentals that you’ll find visiting over and over.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure the fuck do.  Support here.

FloFilz – Speakthru
Another Jakarta Records release that will not disappoint. Ill instrumentals along with dope features.  Support here.

Fulgeance & DJ Scientist – The Soviet Tape Vol. 1 
Heavy instrumental collab by ways of the UK.  Support here.

Peebs the Prophet – Ills of the Earth EP
With production from Phoniks and Blunt One.  This is one early 2015 album you don’t want to sleep on.  Support here.

Marcus D – The Lone Wolf EP
Amazing project from one of my favorite producers. Support here.

Paranom – 777 EP
Paranom is lyrically one of the illest emcess today.  Support here.

The Mouse Outfit – Step Steadier 
UK producer The Mouse Outfit along with dope features easily in rotation this year.  Support here.

Jakk Wonders – Sample Til Infinity
By ways of South Africa Jakk Wonders provides us with easily one of my favorite instrumental albums this year.  Support here.

Sleep Sinatra – Shamaniq
Sleep Sinatra is highly overlooked.  This is easily stays in rotation in my collection.  Support here.

Anitek – Luna
New Jersey’s Anitek is one of my favorite beatmakers.  Peep his projects and support here.

People Under the Stairs – The Gettin’ Off the Stage EP
This recent EP makes the list easily with production alone.  Definitely worth peepin’.  Support here.

Kenn Starr – Square One
This underground vet gave us this amazing album early in 2015.  Support here.

Klaus Layer – Restless Adventures
Always creating heat, Klaus Layer didn’t disappoint with this release this year. Support here.

Loopwhole Beats – Newyorkism
NY beatmaker originally brought us this vinyl only release.  Now on digital format and pre-orders for Newyorkism II releasing soon. Don’t sleep.  Support here.

Starvin B – The Foreigner 
Another release from this NYC emcee. Produced by Sauce Jacqson don’t sleep on this.  Support here.

Foul Mouth – Soul Louis
Ill heavy soul sampled instrumental album.  Support here.

Elements of Music (EOM) – Sunrain
EOM has remained one of the dopest producers.  This year he blessed us with Sunrain.  Support here.

DJ Soko – Domino Effect
Detroit DJ by ways of Brooklyn.  The more I listened the more I appreciate this overlooked member of The Left.  Support here.

Gas-Lab – Soulful & Jazzy Beats
I can’t even front.  I fucking love Argentinean producer Gas-Lab.  Just peep and fall in love yourself.  Support here.

Czarface – Every Hero Needs a Villain 
Do I even need to write about this?  Do you even need a link.  Just know it’s on the list.

Kubrick – Stig of the Dump
Ill emcee and production by Jehst this highly slept on album.  Support here.

Gensu Dean – Algorhythms 
I’m running out of shit to say, so I’m going to just say I really liked this album.  Support here.

So it’s still early.  So I may add to this as new shit is released.  I just figured I’d throw this shit up and maybe, even if it’s just a few of y’all, hopefully reach some and help heads discover and/or rediscover some of the shit I enjoyed in 2015.

Here’s to 2016.



Live Elements

Thank you, Ruck.

Sean Price

This isn’t a piece I looked forward to writing.  I don’t know if I can really classify this as anything because with a heavy heart I am aimlessly typing away.  I didn’t want to write this at first, but honestly, I just wanted to thank Ruck for the memories. This isn’t going to bash the bandwagon fans or IG fuckery I see everyday. This isn’t calling anyone out and I don’t have any smart ass jokes.  This won’t be a bunch of facts about Ruck you can find anywhere else online.  It won’t be long winded stories.  In fact, this is just a thank you.  One heads way of thanking the legendary Sean Price.

I woke up that Saturday morning and I reached for my phone to see the glow of missed texts and calls. I squinted at the glare and was dumbfounded when I saw those words mixed within alerts from Instagram and Facebook, “P died”.  I just sat there for a moment hoping it was just some Twitter bullshit.  Some sick joke or rumor.  But when I looked, I saw Duck Down’s statement:

It is with beyond a heavy heart that Duck Down Music is sadly confirming that Sean Price passed away early this morning in his Brooklyn apartment, Saturday, August 8th, 2015. The cause of death is currently unknown, but it was reported that he died in his sleep. He’s survived by his wife, and his three children.

I’m usually not the type to get upset over someone I didn’t know passing.  Guru, Pun and Pumpkin Head hit me hard, but hearing P passed, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  I sat there in shock.  That feeling was indescribable.  Tears streamed as the memories raced through my head.  More tears came thinking of his family.  This one hit hard. I came to see quickly, I wasn’t the only one.


Speaking with some older heads (30 +), this hit us differently.  This in no way bashing the younger heads nor am I saying that this didn’t effect you but you have to realize how this effected us.  Put yourselves in our place.  It’s 1996, I’m 14 years old and Nocturnal came crashing in my world. I was the weird chick with a discman in my hand and my backpack consisted of more weight from a CD book and spray cans than actual books.  Already familiar with the Boot Camp Clik but just discovering P as a strong emcee coming into his own.


Listening to Heltah Skeltah P stood out.  I had a rotation of emcees that made me think, laugh and some like P that made me just make faces because it was that dope.  But the God P Body’s words shook my speakers.  Allowed me to lose myself in the only thing that made complete sense to me at that age, Hip Hop.  And Sean Price’s voice and words were one of those that carried me through those years. Though some of the most vital times in my life.  High School to now in my early 30’s.  P’s voice has been there.

In a time where social media calls everything underrated and classic, P was truly underrated.  From his stage presence to the way he bodied every feature, P was one of those that are once in a lifetime.

So I’ll end with this…

Sean, you’ve touched so many people with your music and humor.  Your passing was hard but you also opened the door for two of your fans to lay to rest old drama and move on.  For that I thank you as you gave me peace in that chapter of my life as you have in others. We’ll miss you P.  Rest easy and thank you for the memories. giphy

Underground Hip Hop: The Bastard Child of Instagram



Y’all see this shit? Y’all see this?! This is that old dick in the booty ass bullshit.  How does this meme get more support for underground than underground itself? But, this meme proved so much to us. Okay, are you ready to hear my two cents? Nahh B, y’all ready to hear my whole fucking pathetic no children to claim ass tax return on this issue?

Okay, I see underground pages aside from my own getting little to no love everyday. But if we post a Wu or Dilla joint, y’all come out the woodwork and piss your little Hip Hop panties.  Or if we post something funny you guys suddenly become supporters.  Why Sway? And don’t get me started on you wack ass Wu Tang hookers.

So you do realize that you’re just showing us what OG underground heads have been whispering in the basements right? That social media “heads” are full of shit.  That y’all are some carbon copy, reposting, lack of originality, biting, googling ass mother fuckers.  Truly embracing the “follower” title.  Yes, I said it.  The truth is like a dick, just open up your throat, breathe out your nose and accept your fate because you’re about to put in work.

Sorry.  I tend to get pretty passionate about this subject.  Just seeing it become trendy and a platform for people to gain attention on social media is pretty fucking irking.  Sure people might read this and be like; “Why this bitch taking this so serious? Why you mad hoe?”.  Well, because fuck your mother that’s why.  Also because I tend to get very defensive of the culture that I’m truly passionate about. This is not a trend. This is a culture I’ve lived since I was a child.  So again, fuck your mother and fuck your Ambrosia for Heads googling asses. PS – No one gives a fuck what online site you “write” for, you’re techincially a glorified cheerleader. So yeah, where was I?  Oh yeah…

So my favorite person in the world currently posted this on his page as kind of a behind the scene test on this very topic we’ve been discussing. Actually, we have both been posting little things to gauge and test if our theories were correct. @HipHop_Essentials stands out from some of the other underground pages as he posts a variety of joints from jazz to samples and his vinyl collection to underground.  His page has attracted a very eclectic mix of followers, so his page served as the perfect platform to test this theory.  Want to know what inspired this peice?  Just look at the differences in support below:

FullSizeRender (1)

(Meme vs Underground Post @HipHop_Essentials)

I even posted some on my page just for shits & giggles.

FullSizeRender (2)

(DOOM mask selfie vs Underground Classic)

And this is the shit that pisses us “pretentious” heads off.  Not that we think we’re better than anyone else.  If that was the fucking case retard, why would we spend countless unpaid hours putting others onto Hip Hop?  Using our networking and research to spead the knowledge.  If we were pretentious assholes we would keep that shit in a closed network like we did pre-internet and y’all would be circle jerking to 36 Chambers for the rest of your lives.

So I decided instead of making this about me venting, I decided to ask some of my fellow underground heads how they felt about underground on Instagram these days.

“The lack of support for Underground Hip Hop is disturbing.  How the hell are you going to claim Hip Hop when you’re not open to new or independent artist? It sucks how these 90’s pages have 10K plus followers and just post the same shit over and over. I wish more pages would give more love to the Underground but deep down we all know that will never happen.  I guess I’m cool with that because that’s what separates the real from the fake.” – @DopestHipHop (Underground Hip Hop Page)

“I think it has a lot to do with age.  I grew up in the 90’s and I usually use that as my bar, not to compare, but to use it as a gauge for the new music.  Having a 90’s Hip Hop page is like a gimmick to obtain likes and followers.  But you have to be a real head to recognize the sound, the skill & wordplay in a dope track.  There are also a lot of critics putting in their two cents but have no clue what they’re talking about.  But to each this own.  Peace to the real Hip Hop heads out there.” @The_Ill_Spot (Underground Hip Hop Page)

“I think people get comfortable with Dilla, Wu & 90’s music and they aren’t willing to stray off the course. The people who dig 90’s music are probably stuck to that music because they are holding onto so type of memories and shit.  Because Dilla & Wu-Tang are highly respected in Hip Hop, people will continue to support the trend.”  – @Kimduizm (Hip Hop Blogger)

“Name recognition is the game.  People follow trends.  People get excited about vinyl (posts) because it’s trendy.  People get excited about DOOM, Dilla, Madlib and Wu because they think it makes them more creditable in the Hip Hop community.  Nas said Hip Hop is dead so they probably believe it’s dead.” – @HipHop_Essentials (Hip Hop Page)


Okay look, I’m an 80’s baby who was raised on 90’s Hip Hop so it does have a close place in my heart.  So this is by no means an attack on the 90’s pages and/or fans (but if you post movie clips you’re fucking retarded and we laugh at you). So before you get your smart ass “pretentious hip hop head” comment locked and loaded, know that I’ve heard it all annndddd I really don’t give a fuck. Sure Wu Tang is forever. Shit, they were my heroes growing up.  Shit, Tribe & Nas flooded my ears also and still rotate in my catalog.  But with all this still circulating, are people still that closed minded to underground Hip Hop? So I guess we just have to accept this and ride out this trend.  We will wait for the watering down of our culture to evaporate and we’ll still be here where we have been since we embraced mother Hip Hop… below the basement.


Live Elements

My Favorite Albums of 2014


Yup. Try not to wet your little Hip Hop panties too much.  It’s that time of the year again.  I usually do a year in review by just posting a bunch of shit I liked from this year since making a list and weeding out albums is like picking your favorite child to me.  But I also got some requests to put it on the blog sooooo here you go my little Hip Hop heads… My present to you.

Now, lets get this one thing straight.  This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a ranking list or top anything.  All albums are listed at random.  This is simply the albums I’ve enjoyed this year.  So before you ask me “What about ____?”  Well, I didn’t care too much about it enough to put it on here. So yeah.  Lets do this shit…

Heavy Links – “Natural Disasters”
Heavy Links is a three man team coming from the UK consisting of Habitat (MC), El Tel The Dopeness (MC) & Donnie Poppa (DJ). HL came correct with their sounds on their 2014 release. Even if you don’t care for UK Hip Hop, you can still enjoy this.  Free download HERE

Mindsone & Kev Brown – “Pillars”
The reunion of these three didn’t disappoint heads this year. Legendary producer Kev Brown & dynamic emcees Tronic & KonSci gave us a solid release this year. To that salute and support HERE.

Royce Da 5’9 & DJ Premier PRhyme – “PRhyme”
I really wanted to hate this. Ask favorite person ever @HipHop_Essentials. I really wanted to talk shit about this after seeing the tracklist. But I can’t. Royce’s solid delivery has always impressed me. And now he’s on a Preemo production… pshhhhh…  It’s easy enough to find so fuck a link.

Ghostface Killah – “36 Seasons”
As one of my favorite heads @__kurrby_puckit__ would say, “Wu’s 15 lb abortion” “A Better Tomorrow” was Wu Poo Poo.  So yeah, this was a breath of fresh air. And yet again proved why I love this mother fucker so God damn much yo. I’d place a link but again, y’all ain’t retarded.

Hassann Mackey & Kev Brown – “That Grit”
I can’t say enough good things about this.  The approach of this album between these two gave that gritty east coast shit we’ve been craving.  Check it HERE

1978ers – “People of Today”
All I’ll say is… DMV represent.  Support HERE

Run the Jewels – “Run the Jewels 2”
Alright this honestly had to grow on me.  It didn’t impact me the way the first one did. But honestly after a couple of spins… I like it.  I know a lot of heads that don’t like it.  I know a lot of heads that do.  So, you decide.  I rock with it.  Support HERE

Von Pea & The Other Guys – “To: You”
Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea & DMV’s The Other Guys come together for this fucking gem. I tried not to expect much out of albums lately. But this, this was beautifully constructed. I really think the DMV has been calling my name.  Support HERE

Brous One – “Beats, Beer & BBQ”
By ways of Santiago, Chili & now residing in Germany, Brous One gives us some of the illest shit I’ve heard in a while.  Fuck you if you don’t like it.  Support HERE

Epidemic & Tantu – “The Solution EP”
If you’re not on Epidemic by now get the fuck off my blog.  Seriously. Get the fuck off of here and never return.  Because they have been over saturated by every head on IG and well deserving of it.  So here we have Epidemic with Tantu’s melodic beats.  Just take it in fuckers.  Support HERE

String Theory – “String Theory”
Sweet baby Jesus in his little crib.  This project has to be my favorite from this year.  Like undoubtedly even though I said I wouldn’t rank them if I had two seconds to answer it would probably be this one.  And even though asshole out there are calling it an Epidemic album, it is actually the genius offspring from Epidemic’s HexOne & BBZ Darney.  Support HERE

Jiggy Tone & Funk Tous – “For the Record”
University of New Hampshire graduates Jiggy Tone & Funk Tous bring us the vinyl jazzy funk that heads like myself eat for every meal.  This album surprised me.  If you wanna peep, support HERE

Intention – “A Slow Separation”
California emcee Intention has been making small rumbles below the basement.  It’s not for everyone. Can be an acquired taste.  But definitely worth peeping.  Support HERE

John Robinson & PVD – “Modern Vintage”
John Robinson teams with infamous drummer/producer PVD for this organic Hip Hop album.  Peep and support HERE

Jazz Spastiks – “The Product”
Jazz Spastiks, two Scottish underground producers Coconut Delight & Mr. Manyana bring us a solid ass album yo.  These producers provided a phenomenal foundation for these emcees.  Also check out “The Product Remixes” that almost replaced this post for this piece.  Peep & support HERE

Lone Ninja – “Wave of Carnage”
Holy fuck man… this album.  If you’re not familiar with Lone Ninja, the Brooklyn emcee and member of Twin Perils with June Marx brings us an album produced exclusively by Texas producer JBL The Titan. I’m a serious fan girl of this album, deadass… go support HERE

Locksmith – “A Thousand Cuts”
Man, I’ve seen a few heads talk shit about Locksmith but this California emcee has been making waves for sometime with his freestyle talents.  Very lyrically inclined this emotional packed album hit some scars for me.  So it’s worth peeping… Support HERE

Diamond District – “March on Washington”
Joining together since 2009, DMV artists Oddisee, yU & X.O. bring us a solid album.  A lot of heads didn’t care for this.  But for me, after a few spins Oddisee’s production was able to sink in a I got the whole flow of this album.Also the recently released “Redux” album.  So go and support Mello Music Group’s artists HERE

uMaNg & B.B.Z. Darney – “The Black Rose Certificate”
Alright lets get this straight, one of my pet peeves is when heads don’t credit the producers.  Get your fucking facts straight and say it from yo chest.  But yes, this New Jersey emcee teams up again with Swedish producer B.B.Z. Darney once again to bring us this album.  Man Ill Adrenaline is bringing straight heat to the culture … Peep & Support HERE

J-Live – “Around the Sun”
Underground vet brings us his 10th album.  I don’t even need to go into this one.  Being an avid indie head you should already know of this man and his genius… Support HERE

DJ JS 1 – “It is What it Isn’t”
Holy fucking shit.  Holy fucking shit.  This album was one if I had a ranking list would be very high up there.  Shit got me doing the Harlem Shake as I type.  I’ve been a fan of JS 1 for as long as I can remember.  This amazing DJ & graffiti artist brings us this gem with a slew of amazing emcees.  Check it and support HERE

CunninLynguists – “Strange Journey Vol 3”
I’m seriously having another “holy fucking shit” moment.  Alright, anyone who knows me, you know I’m a complete fan girl for Kno. Not it a weird put your dick in my mouth way, but in a let me just sit with your collection and see you make beats kinda way.  But anyways, I’ve been a long standing fan and supporter of all QN5 artists and CunninLynguists didn’t disappoint with this.  I still spin it daily like the fan girl I am.  But I wrote a piece on this album so I’ll just leave this here… And go and support HERE

Dag Savage – “E&J”
Exile teams with California emcee Johaz to bring us this amazing album.  Most are familiar with the Dirty Science’s Exile’s production you were probably more than satisfied with this album.  And Johaz didn’t fail. Peep & support HERE

L’Orange – “Orchid Days”
A lot of people just were put on L’Orange this year.  I like seeing a good producer getting some shine. His sampling of a past era, this is truly a piece of art.  His “After the Flowers” EP released for free this year is also a gem.  Like, light some scented candles & touch yourself, 40 Year Old Virgin style.  Go & support HERE

Klaus Layer – “For the People Like Us”
If you aren’t familiar with Klaus Layer’s work please start now.  This album is still in regular roation.  Peep & Support HERE

Halfcut – “From Dungeons to Rooftops”
I can proudly say I was able to put a lot of heads onto this back in May when this was released.  Just discovering him myself, this is the kind of shit that stresses me out.  Knowing that there are amazing artists out there that I have yet to discover.  But that is the beautiful thing about our culture.  But anyways, I have nothing but amazing things to say about this humble yet amazing emcee.  Truly below the basement underground, this emcee is worth supporting.  Go check this and previous work from this emcee HERE

Fel Sweetenburg & DJ Brans – “The Invisible Garden”
This album fully produced by DJ Brans & emcee Fel Sweetenburg with cuts by DJ Brans was a beautifully constructed album coming from the Effiscienz camp.  Well worth a listen and one of my favorites this year.  Still in regular rotation.  Check it & support HERE

Soul Pete – “Soul Raw”
Soul Pete after two years quietly released this gem with a slew of indie artist.  Check it and support HERE

Tunnel Movement  – “Overlooked”
By ways of Chicago, Kwote1 & Noah being us a very dope album.  Peep & Support HERE

Your Old Droog – “Your Old Droog”
With assholes all over claiming he sounds like Nas, fuck yourselves but first peep & support that ol’ East coast shit HERE

Ivan Ave & Mndsgn – “Low Jams”
Ivan Ave by ways of Norway & LA Beat maker Mndsgn brought us “Low Jams” this year.  My old complaint: “Why the fuck only 4 joints son?”. Peep & Support HERE

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – “Pinata”
Yeah, I wrote about this on here so…yeah.  Support HERE

Pete Flux & Parental – “Traveling Thought”
Emcee Pete Flux teams with producer Parental for this amazing piece of work.  I don’t feel like speaking too much on it.  I’d rather you embrace this yourselves. Support HERE

Skyzoo & Torae – “The Barrel Brothers”
I was kind of hesitant on this album at first.  You can read my piece on it on here.  So google that shit cause they aren’t that underground.  But still dope.

Sense One & ADBeats – “Natural Selection”
By ways of RI, this duo brings us that raw underground sound. Peep & Support HERE

Black Milk – “If There’s a Hell Below”
A lot of heads had mixed feelings about this album.  Personally, I dug it… so be the judge for yourself.  Support HERE

Hex One & 5th Element – “Hologramz”
I’ll wrap this bad boy up with an album that hasn’t even released yet.  Yup, I already know I’m going to love this so wait for it.



So there y’all go.  You might not like it.  You might have questions.  You might be like; “Well, what about ___?”.  If you have those, make your own damn list.  This is just shit that has stuck to me this year.  My present to you.  Merry Christmas fuckers.  I love y’all though.



To Love a Female Hip Hop Head


So, its been a while since I’ve posted anything. I had a lot of plans to write about the some recent releases and the AOTP show I attended in LA recently.  But life throws curve-balls at you.  In most cases, I wouldn’t mind balls thrown at me, but this wasn’t the fun kind.

So what to write?  Well, usually I’m ready to talk shit but I wanted to talk about something I have had a lot of time to think about.  Ya know, soft shit.  Like puppies and MCM’s n shit.  First off, my blog states “Life of a Hip Hop Head”. So I why not write about something that is important to every woman, Love.  Cause Hip Hop heads need lovin’ too right? But not in the typical sense, but in the “What it’s like to love a Hip Hop Head”.  I can’t speak for all females, so I am going to speak for myself, a serious female Hip Hop enthusiast.

I’m not the usual kind of woman that you come across. Most so called female heads will  consider themselves a head because they have an IPod with some Nas & Wu-Tang.  Is there anything wrong with it? Depends what kind of mood I’m in when you ask.  But really, nah, I don’t judge.  This is why Live Elements is so near and dear to my heart.  Because I like to spread good quality Hip Hop. No one is more Hip Hop than Hip Hop. So go fuck yourself.

error one

So where was I? Ahhh yes, Cuban B.  Yeah so again, I’m not the usual female head you come across.  Hip Hop consumes a huge portion of my life.  It isn’t everything, but music in general consumes my life.  Whether it’s Live Elements, crate digging, research, networking, shows, etc. It consumes a huge portion.  So when I take into consideration a person to date, them being a head is vital.  I’ve tried to date men who weren’t heads, and it didn’t work. I tried dating someone who claims to be a head and I ended up being the one teaching them, so that shit didn’t work. So what the fuck? I need a real underground head. Someone below the basement.   Cause for real yo,  I’m so into Hip Hop that an underground DJ that once dated told me and I quote; “You’re way too involved with Hip Hop. It’s like you’re in a relationship with it and I can’t compete.” That’s how much I’m committed to Hip Hop.

It’s always been easy for me to say that I am in love with Hip Hop, or that Hip Hop is the love of my life.  It saved me, raised me, and has always been there so why wouldn’t I say that I am in love with Hip Hop? But Hip Hop can’t hump me, buy me tacos, and cuddle with me… so I need a man. But not just a man, a real underground head.


(Please dear baby Jesus)

So what to expect out of loving a real female Hip Hop Head? Well be prepared for music played at an obnoxious level.  Be prepared for her to flow to the lyrics as smooth as Thelonious Monk jazz. Be prepared to have to argue over if the production outweighed the lyricism of a joint.  Be prepared to be “put on” to undiscovered emcees, producers, and unknown samples. Just simply be prepared to have a woman who is insanely passionate about something so infinite.

But to love someone one, comes with work. You have to have your hands deep into crates and your mind deep into the culture. You will have to understand that men are drawn to women that know Hip Hop and you will have to be secure enough to know that she will not allow anyone to take your place. You must be able to devote an entire day to back breaking digging. Or work with me to spread real Hip Hop. You must share the same excitement when I scream and show you a cover and understand my excitement.  You have to be able to sit and listen with an open mind on different joints and debate them with passion.  Not just have me state what I feel and you agree.  You have to sacrifice sleep in order to hit a show and vibe out to what we love.  You also have to know that I will zone out on it. Sometimes for hours and write…

But if you give me this, I promise to write about you.  Page after page of how someone like you finally came into my life. Someone who was able to put ME onto Hip Hop.  Someone who switched the role and made me the student for once. I’d write about how you became the binary star in my universe as we orbit Hip Hop.  How you finally someone who rivaled my knowledge and helped me grow rather than just drain me or used me to feed their ego.

So what is it like to love a female Hip Hop head? Fucking amazing… if he’s strong enough.  Peace.

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My Two Cents: “NehruvianDOOM”



Alright… So again, unlike other sites, I’m not going to give you a long winded breakdown of the album.  But what I’ll give you is my uncensored two cents because at the end of the day it’s just my opinion and no one should lose sleep over it unless I’m fucking you… So here we go kids…

NehruvianDOOM was long awaited for me, like most.  Me already being a big DOOM head and also a fan of Bishop Nehru since he burst onto the scene at 15 (backed by NAS).  I have been able to network myself pretty well since starting Live Elements and was one of the lucky ones to receive a leaked copy early.  So I dove in and have more than ample opportunity to have several weeks for this to sink in.  I also handed over a copy to one of the biggest DOOM heads I know to give me his honest opinion on it.  (Note: Just because you receive a digital copy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support your indie artist.  So purchase their music.)

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First off … let me start this by saying if you guys were expecting DOOM verses to dominate this album, you probably have a sore anus right now.  I have learned over the past few years not to expect too much from albums I am really excited about because it will only lead to that problem you’re probably experiencing.

Second, I’ve read so many comments on IG about how “Nehru isn’t strong enough”, “The album was boring,”, “Why does it suck so bad?”, and blah blah blah.  Okay, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Ummm WTF were y’all doing at 18?  Not recording an album with DOOM.”  Right?  Okay, so this caused me to sit back and really analyze why people were tearing apart an album I honestly… enjoy.

Then I thought, what if DOOM took these same instrumentals and slapped a Special Herbs label on it?  Y’all same mother fuckers would probably be praising it’s genius.  Cause by all means, y’all are DOOM heads right?  Of course you are!!! Oh wait what was that?  You wanted more DOOM on this?  Fucking stans yo… It isn’t Madvillain 2… so get that preconceived notion out your head and wait patiently for that like rest of us.


Well, think about this.  DOOM isn’t one to work with anyone.  He saw something in this young MC that caused him to want to do this.  Sure, Nehru isn’t seasoned, but it RAW talent.  Organic as fuck. What you possess in your hands is a piece of history. It’s the kids first album with an underground legend and the first fully produced DOOM album since “Bring Me to Your Leader”.  So you think that DOOM was just to pick any young little Soundcloud MC to grace that album?  Nahhh right?  But what you do see is DOOM stepping back and creating a foundation for a young MC.  What if DOOM were to have 50% of the verses on here?  It would overshadow Nehru and would be like a mouse standing next to Goliath.

And I’ve said it before in previous posts on Live Elements, as much as I believe Joey Bada$$ can hold his own mic, I’ll take Bishop Nehru.  I’ve said this BEFORE I even knew he was going to work with DOOM.  MC’s especially being so young still are finding their style and ways.  I think Nehru has untapped potential in him and even DOOM was quoted as saying, “MC’s are born.  You can’t make an MC out of someone who wasn’t meant to do this.” when speaking of Bishop Nehru.  So what now?  Y’all were fan boys over the single and album art n shit right?

But there are some heads that I truly take their opinion and trust 100% that it comes with valid reasons on their end.  Not just on some, “Mannn shit was weak.  DOOM ain’t even really on it.”  Fuck off and open your minds and think beyond what you were expecting.  If you do this with every album, you’ll see how much more you’ll appreciate the shit for what it is.


So then I waited on the biggest DOOM head I knows opinion on it.  And this is what DOOM guy said, “I enjoyed it and that’s all that fucking matters.  This shit ain’t for everyone.”  There y’all go.  Different strokes for different folks.  You can’t please everyone.  There are people out there that will love it or hate it.  Or find shit to complain about it.  Yeah sure I can tear it apart and judge but why?  He’s a young artist being supported by one of my favorite producers/MC of all time.  He’s still finding his way.  But just like if I had “NehruvianDOOM” in one hand and Cormega’s “Mega Philosophy” in another over a cliff , I’d drop Cormega’s ass cause his ass should know better.

Just like that y’all different strokes… I happen to like that stroke from someone in a DOOM mask…

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Rebecca  –  Live Elements

Adventure Time With Live Elements: Brother Ali Episode


So, when I heard Brother Ali was going to be in Vegas I was like, “Sure why the fuck not?”  Because it’s been some years since I’ve seen Ali live. Also being Ali’s first headlining show in Vegas I definitely didn’t want to miss it.

So lets start at the beginning of this little adventure.  I purchased two tickets because unlike the Shadow/Chemist show, I really didn’t want to go to go alone.  It was in downtown Vegas and didn’t want to go by myself and run the risk of being molested by someone dressed as Bumblebee … Wait…that could be pretty hot(*Adds Transformer costume for DOOM guy on list).  So I bought my best friend a ticket for her birthday to tag along.  Ticketfly tickets said the show started at 8pm.

My friend didn’t get off of work until around 9pm so I decided to head out by myself.  I saw on Facebook that over 200 people were going to attend so I figured that I’d leave early.  I arrived downtown around 6:45 PM.  Thinking that the doors opened at 7 PM, since this is what the fucking ticket said.  So I put my blind faith in Google Maps.  I arrive to where I was told that was The Beauty Bar.  I see a long ass line of people with tickets in their hand.  A bunch of white people (no offense my melanin deficient peoples) so I seriously thought I was in the right place.  So I assume that’s where I was supposed to be right ?  No! Fuck you Google Maps.  I waited in line, got felt up by this scary lady with cornrows & strong hands, and my ticket scanned only for the little asshole to be like, “Ummmm girl, you’re in the wrong place.  Beauty Bar is down the street and to the left.”  Fuck you Google, fuck you.

So by this time it’s 7:45 and I’m running to the fucking Beauty Bar.  As I’m running past the Beauty Bar because it might as well have been a hobbit hole or the entrance to Narnia it’s so fucking small, I get a call from my friend saying that she couldn’t make it.  I hung up because at this point I didn’t know where the fucking Beauty Bar was at.  So finally I see it.  But… no one is standing there and the fucking placed is locked.  So I think that maybe its cancelled or I just am going to miss this fucking thing.

As I’m standing there ready  to fuck someone up I had this cholo (for those unaware of what a cholo is, please refer to the gif below) come up to me.  This nigga was fuckkkkked up.  He proceeded to ask me what was someone like me doing there.  Then he tells me, “Ayyyy can you call dis number for me?  I lost my phone and I want to see where it is.  Can I call it?”  Not dumb enough to hand this asshole my phone to run off with it,  I blocked my number and dialed.  As the phone rang he was eye rapping me while all I could think was, “Why this nigga smell like 3 Flowers but he has no hair?  And why does this nigga have a coke nail?  People still have coke nails?”.  Then… his phone rings in his pocket.  He silenced it and said, “Thanks babydoll, I’ll be hitting you up later.” and stumbles off with his crew of even smaller cholos.  Yeah, okay there holmes.  cholo


If anyone knows how downtown Vegas is like on a First Friday you already know.  I had a drunk Santa tell me I had a pretty mouth, some guy tell me I was gonna be his Cinnamon Apple, some guy in leather pants call me his Spanish rose, some drunk gay guy argue with me over my hair being real or not, and had a crazy lady scream at me telling me I lost her daughter. I was one crazy away from just losing my shit.

People began to arrive.  We all were fucking lost. So I was like, great, this fucking helps.  A bunch of assholes who have no idea where they’re supposed to be, maybe we can all be Facebook friends now and maybe go across the street to that bar?  When like some form of telepathic witchcraft,  this huge Hawaiian bouncer comes of the hole in the wall and proceeds to tell us that the doors don’t open until 9pm and that the show will start at 10pm.  Again, all my random ass was wondering was how he bounces with flip flops on though?  That nigga must have Ninja Turtle feet. So yeah, fucking great. I wanted to leave already but then again, I didn’t pay $10 for parking for nothing, so I thugged it out.  So the barrage of crazy people came here and there. Since I was now the first person in line, I became the “Hey… do you know what time they start?  Do you know what time they open?  Do you know if this is sold out? You holding that place for your man sweetheart?” girl.  I contemplated putting out a tip cup.

Finally, we were let in where we received a wrist band that was from Sapphires Pool & Club which is a titty pool pretty much, not the Beauty Bar.  I was like, “Fuckkkk.. the least they can do is show us titties after all of this.”  But no, no titties.  We were lead to the back where a stage was set outside.  I positioned myself in the middle towards the back.  A couple that  were in line with me and seemed pretty normal came next to me.  We were talking shit and talking the upcoming AOTP show.  When the wife asked if I wanted a drink.  I kindly passed and she left.  This is when the husband hits me with, “Hey, do what do you think of my wife?”.  Kinda thrown off  I just said, “She’s cool.”  He began to tell me how they were in Vegas and wanted to have “some fun” and that his wife thought I was really pretty.  This is when I felt his wife come behind me and started playing with my hair.  Swingers son.  No woman alone at a show is safe from the men or the swingers.  This is when I said it was nice meeting them and hope to see them at the AOTP show and walked to the front of the stage.

The time is already 10:30 and the opening acts were about to start.  DOOM guy is texting me all the amazing details he’s experiencing at the Shadow/Chemist show while I vent about the bullshit I’ve had to endure.  He felt bad but I didn’t want to ruin his enjoyment so I decided to just vent to him later.  So then the so called DJ, DJ Last Word.  That will be the LAST fucking time I ever want to say that shit.  Because being as close as I was it gave me an opportunity to see what this nigga was working with.  No wax. But I see a Mac book.  Okay, I already knew where that was going, but whatever.   I expect to hear bullshit mainstream, and I was given that with some Dialted here and there.  Just too reminiscent of the Wu show that made me bi-polar.  But what I witnessed was just sad.  I kinda felt bad for him.  It was like watching a Corky from Life Goes On trying to DJ. (Don’t know what my old ass is talking about? Google it.  But fuck Google, deadass.).

So I know Mally & Bambu were the opening acts.  I’m not crazy about Bambu.  But hearing some of Mally’s recorded features, I felt like I might like him a little more.  Yeahhhhh, no.  I don’t know man but that shit seemed very pop friendly.  I saw everyone really enjoying themselves and I was like the emo kid in the front hating life.  But I thugged it out once again.  I really don’t have much to say about Mally because its really not that memorable.  He did have some clean uptowns on though and I remember that.  Oh and the fact he had a wood piece chain on… I never got those things.  It always reminded me of some shit I’d see in a Jim Henson movie that would open the maze or some shit… Yeah sorry, back to the story…

Then here comes Bambu.   I was hoping that he wouldn’t get preachy. So already being there I decided to be open minded and listen.  First thing I fixated on is this niggas funny socks.  Why the funny socks my dude?  Like, I couldn’t concentrate at all but on them socks son.  They looked like those 3D optical illusion pictures  they used to sell at the mall where you would have to stare at for a while and then you should see a fucking bird or a sail boat in it and shit.  I was ready to see Slugs face pop out in them.  But no, sadly they were just funny socks.  Some of the beats were okay.  But all I could help to think was that someone needed to tell him that Immortal Technique is still alive and we didn’t need the new school version of him.  But hey, everyone around me seemed to like it so I kept to myself.  But all the white kids around me were screaming “Brrrrraaaaatttt!  Brrrrrrraattt!”  like a machine gun over and over.  I was like, “Ummm did I miss something?  Is this something we do now?” But when Bambu asked the crowd to do it I got it…


Then… this happened.  One of his lyrics spit was something along the lines of, “If you hate your principle or your parents….”.


Wait.  Hold the fuck up.  Did this nigga really just say principle?  This nigga does realize that this is a 21 and over show right?  No one here should have a fucking principle.  I was over all this shit already.

So finally that shit was done.  And before Ali came out, it was Mally singing along with Jay Z and Missy Elliot with DJ Macbook.  I was texting DOOM guy telling him I was about to leave because I couldn’t take it anymore.  He replied, “Weak Sauce”.  Weak Sauce … but the Costco size joint.  I had seen enough.  That when Ali came out.

Ali, was Ali.  I love his vibe… he’s like white Jesus, or like Santa (not the drunk homless one outside) but something about him just makes you smil.  He did make it a little better, but I think my wounds were too deep.  It was like trying to put a band-aid on a gunshot wound.   He got me hype for a moment.  I always enjoyed Ali and the aura and energy he brings.  But son, I was so close that every time Ali would walk back to the DJ I could see his mean ass butt sweat son.  He had some light grey slacks on and all I could see was butt sweat.



Of course my potential ADHD  having ass could now only wonder why his pits weren’t sweaty but his ass as maddddd sweaty son.  It was like a welcome distraction from the bullshit around me and what I had to endure that night. But I get it … people aren’t used to this heat… Man butt is pretty hairy son.  You’re still dope as fuck in my book Ali.

Then it finally ended… I turned around to see my fucking friend standing right there!  The whole fucking time she was there and couldn’t get to me.  I endured all that bullshit.  At least I could have been talking to her during Bambu’s performance!  Fuck.

So to sum it up… I really think I should’ve seen this show before the Shadow & Chemist one.  They really ruined it for this show for them.  It was like trying to trump a king… it wasn’t going to happen.  Edan and Paten Locke killlleed that opening set.  Where Edan & Paten Locke were like Tom Ford cologne, Mally & Bambu were Axe Body Spray.  I just couldn’t accept it.

So here is where about half of the Rhymsayers stans are really going to hate me.  Look, I’m not knocking the talent of Mally & Bambu.  They have talent because they’re up there doing it.  They have a talent I don’t possess obviously, so I’m not knocking that.  I’m just saying the shit being shown to me is weak.  It just looks to me that they are making music to cater to someone else… another market to sell to.  I get it.  I’m an accountant son.  I know all of back end stuff that labels, especially indie labels, need to achieve in order to continue running successfully.   If that’s your thing, cool, but I’m going to tell it like it is.  I just don’t get how Rhymsayers has a roster of DOOM, Ali, Psalm One, Blueprint, POS, Dilated, Jake One, and Eyedea’s catalog and this is the shit you give us?Come on son.  Mello Music Group, Stones Throw,  & HipNott Records are killin’ you guys right now!  Bring me a DOOM show already and stop fucking with me.  Have Bambu and Mally tour with Murs since that’s the direction they’re headed.  Have those niggas open for Atmosphere since all the stans were rooting them on.

But hey, this is only my opinion and how I felt about this show cause I keeps it 100 with y’all.  You don’t have to like or agree with what I said. Girls settle down, don’t go rip your Slug or Bambu posters off the wall quiet yet ladies… or some gents.

So I’ll end this by saying the opening acts were like dry sex and Ali was the lube… he made the whole experience that much more comfortable.  But I guess at the end of the day it’s indie Hip Hop.  So support what you love and you dig.  Different strokes for different folks.

Speaking different strokes for different folks… I’ve been reading peoples comments in regards to NehruvianDOOM.  Jesus Christ looks like I’m going to have to hurt peoples feelings and send their asses to the Hip Hop kids table on the next “My Two Cents”.   Let me school y’all really quick… Stay Tuned….

Peace – Live Elements