Favorite Albums of the Year

My Favorite Albums of 2015

So here we are again.  I was opposed to doing this at first because honestly, only a handful of mother fuckers care and the others will just use this as a reference to post on their own page.  Regardless, I’m doing it as a journal of shit I’ve really enjoyed through the years.

I’ll keep this short and get to what this is about.  I stated via my Twitter , that for me, 2015 was a year of the beatmakers.  Being a head since the early 90’s I’ve been lucky enough to see this culture evolve.  Not always good, but the underground is definitely thriving.  And 2015 has been huge for instrumental projects.  If you follow my personal IG page, you will see that I have been pretty much stuck on them all year long.

But there have been ups and downs, great albums but also some terrible losses.  We lost two underground emcees this year.  Rest easy Pumpkinhead and Sean P.  Losing you two this year will make me never forget 2015.  Thank you again for your words and memories.

So let’s get to this.  To clarify as in previous years, this is not a top or ranking list.  This is just a gathering of shit I’ve enjoyed this year.  And just because it’s not on this list doesn’t mean it wasn’t dope.  Doesn’t mean I didn’t support it.  This simply just a fucking list.  And special thank you to one of my favorite people ever @HipHop_Essentials  for reminding me of some of these albums. You are appreciated *Tupac voice*.


Hashfinger – Kites
This has been an instrumental album I’ve been fangirling over all year. Pretty much obsessed with him and his work.  Support here.

Spit Gemz – Godly Features
Raw gritty NY underground.  One of my favorite emcees still to this day, he dropped this amazing project.  Support here.

Blabbermouf – BackWitDaBoomAndBlabberastikRhymes
Hailing from the Netherlands, Blabbermouf takes us back to them 90 Boom Bap days. Support here.

Brock Berrigan – Diamond in the Rough
Another Instrumental album that will be in heavy rotation this year. Even though I also really dug the his other release this year but this one stole my heart. Support here.

UGeorge – The Many Faces of UGeorge
This album took me by surprise.  Respect the vets.  UGeorge still got it.  Support here.

Tek & Figub – The Everyday Headnod
As the title describes … Peep and support here.

Dimepeace – Maybe It’s Us
Just off the cover alone makes me love this album.  But what fills your ears is just as amazing.  Support here.

The Four Owls – Natural Order
Consisting of all seasoned UK emcee/producers this album opened many eyes to overseas culture.  Support here.

Union Blak – Street English
Effiscienz dropped jewels this year this being one.  Support here.

Mr. Green – Live From the Streets
I don’t need to go into this one.  I’m sure plenty are familiar.  Still an amazing project.  Support here.

Dr. Yen Lo – Days With Dr. Yen Lo
When Ka and Preservation came together for Dr. Yen Lo greatness occurred.  I’m not picking favorites but if I had to this one would be way up there this year.  Support here.

Jazz Spastiks & Rebels to the Grain – Unkut Fresh
Early this year when JS & Rebels released Tapes I nearly lost my shit. This is definitely in regular rotation.  Support here.

Don Miguel – Waiting for Carmine
NYC producer Don Miguel brings us a solid album.  I really enjoyed this one the more I listened.  Support here.

Oldy Clap & DJ Skandal – Dust Dealers
Production by Oldy Clap & Cuts from DJ Skandal.  Amazing work.  Support here.

Dexter – Palmen & Beats
Anyone who truly knows me,knows I’m obsessed with Dexter’s work.  This album didn’t disappoint me at all. Support here.

June Marx – Love & War
Again, people who know me also know June Marx is one of my favorite emcee/producers. This one was my favorite of his releases this year.  Support here.

Ghostface Killah & Badbadnotgood – Sour Soul
I’m sure most have already peeped this so no need to get into it. Simply one ill fucking album in rotation. Support here.

Juju Rogers – From the Life of Good-For-Nothing
This album is definitely one of my favorite releases this year.  Jakarta Records has made a couple of appearances on this list.  Really looking forward to what Juju has in store in coming years.  Support here.

Res One – Delph Efficacy
I feel like I might be saying everyone could be my favorite at this point.  So I’m simply going to say I enjoyed the shit out of this album.  Support here.

Starvin B & Fel Sweetenberg – Soul Museum
When I heard that Effiscienz was bringing us this collab I almost pissed myself.  Then when I heard it I seriously fangirled. Effiscienz consistently is bringing us heat and this album didn’t disappoint. Support here.

Kognitif – Soul Food
Kognitif by ways of France bringing us a solid album.  Simply amazing.  Support here.

Pigeondust – Moon, Wisdom & Slackness
Cold Busted is constantly bringing us some of the illest beatmakers.  This album will stay in regular rotation.  Support here.

Jazz Jousters – The Vault – Best of the Jazz Jousters
An amazing compilation of instrumentals that you’ll find visiting over and over.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure the fuck do.  Support here.

FloFilz – Speakthru
Another Jakarta Records release that will not disappoint. Ill instrumentals along with dope features.  Support here.

Fulgeance & DJ Scientist – The Soviet Tape Vol. 1 
Heavy instrumental collab by ways of the UK.  Support here.

Peebs the Prophet – Ills of the Earth EP
With production from Phoniks and Blunt One.  This is one early 2015 album you don’t want to sleep on.  Support here.

Marcus D – The Lone Wolf EP
Amazing project from one of my favorite producers. Support here.

Paranom – 777 EP
Paranom is lyrically one of the illest emcess today.  Support here.

The Mouse Outfit – Step Steadier 
UK producer The Mouse Outfit along with dope features easily in rotation this year.  Support here.

Jakk Wonders – Sample Til Infinity
By ways of South Africa Jakk Wonders provides us with easily one of my favorite instrumental albums this year.  Support here.

Sleep Sinatra – Shamaniq
Sleep Sinatra is highly overlooked.  This is easily stays in rotation in my collection.  Support here.

Anitek – Luna
New Jersey’s Anitek is one of my favorite beatmakers.  Peep his projects and support here.

People Under the Stairs – The Gettin’ Off the Stage EP
This recent EP makes the list easily with production alone.  Definitely worth peepin’.  Support here.

Kenn Starr – Square One
This underground vet gave us this amazing album early in 2015.  Support here.

Klaus Layer – Restless Adventures
Always creating heat, Klaus Layer didn’t disappoint with this release this year. Support here.

Loopwhole Beats – Newyorkism
NY beatmaker originally brought us this vinyl only release.  Now on digital format and pre-orders for Newyorkism II releasing soon. Don’t sleep.  Support here.

Starvin B – The Foreigner 
Another release from this NYC emcee. Produced by Sauce Jacqson don’t sleep on this.  Support here.

Foul Mouth – Soul Louis
Ill heavy soul sampled instrumental album.  Support here.

Elements of Music (EOM) – Sunrain
EOM has remained one of the dopest producers.  This year he blessed us with Sunrain.  Support here.

DJ Soko – Domino Effect
Detroit DJ by ways of Brooklyn.  The more I listened the more I appreciate this overlooked member of The Left.  Support here.

Gas-Lab – Soulful & Jazzy Beats
I can’t even front.  I fucking love Argentinean producer Gas-Lab.  Just peep and fall in love yourself.  Support here.

Czarface – Every Hero Needs a Villain 
Do I even need to write about this?  Do you even need a link.  Just know it’s on the list.

Kubrick – Stig of the Dump
Ill emcee and production by Jehst this highly slept on album.  Support here.

Gensu Dean – Algorhythms 
I’m running out of shit to say, so I’m going to just say I really liked this album.  Support here.

So it’s still early.  So I may add to this as new shit is released.  I just figured I’d throw this shit up and maybe, even if it’s just a few of y’all, hopefully reach some and help heads discover and/or rediscover some of the shit I enjoyed in 2015.

Here’s to 2016.



Live Elements

My Favorite Albums of 2014


Yup. Try not to wet your little Hip Hop panties too much.  It’s that time of the year again.  I usually do a year in review by just posting a bunch of shit I liked from this year since making a list and weeding out albums is like picking your favorite child to me.  But I also got some requests to put it on the blog sooooo here you go my little Hip Hop heads… My present to you.

Now, lets get this one thing straight.  This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a ranking list or top anything.  All albums are listed at random.  This is simply the albums I’ve enjoyed this year.  So before you ask me “What about ____?”  Well, I didn’t care too much about it enough to put it on here. So yeah.  Lets do this shit…

Heavy Links – “Natural Disasters”
Heavy Links is a three man team coming from the UK consisting of Habitat (MC), El Tel The Dopeness (MC) & Donnie Poppa (DJ). HL came correct with their sounds on their 2014 release. Even if you don’t care for UK Hip Hop, you can still enjoy this.  Free download HERE

Mindsone & Kev Brown – “Pillars”
The reunion of these three didn’t disappoint heads this year. Legendary producer Kev Brown & dynamic emcees Tronic & KonSci gave us a solid release this year. To that salute and support HERE.

Royce Da 5’9 & DJ Premier PRhyme – “PRhyme”
I really wanted to hate this. Ask favorite person ever @HipHop_Essentials. I really wanted to talk shit about this after seeing the tracklist. But I can’t. Royce’s solid delivery has always impressed me. And now he’s on a Preemo production… pshhhhh…  It’s easy enough to find so fuck a link.

Ghostface Killah – “36 Seasons”
As one of my favorite heads @__kurrby_puckit__ would say, “Wu’s 15 lb abortion” “A Better Tomorrow” was Wu Poo Poo.  So yeah, this was a breath of fresh air. And yet again proved why I love this mother fucker so God damn much yo. I’d place a link but again, y’all ain’t retarded.

Hassann Mackey & Kev Brown – “That Grit”
I can’t say enough good things about this.  The approach of this album between these two gave that gritty east coast shit we’ve been craving.  Check it HERE

1978ers – “People of Today”
All I’ll say is… DMV represent.  Support HERE

Run the Jewels – “Run the Jewels 2”
Alright this honestly had to grow on me.  It didn’t impact me the way the first one did. But honestly after a couple of spins… I like it.  I know a lot of heads that don’t like it.  I know a lot of heads that do.  So, you decide.  I rock with it.  Support HERE

Von Pea & The Other Guys – “To: You”
Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea & DMV’s The Other Guys come together for this fucking gem. I tried not to expect much out of albums lately. But this, this was beautifully constructed. I really think the DMV has been calling my name.  Support HERE

Brous One – “Beats, Beer & BBQ”
By ways of Santiago, Chili & now residing in Germany, Brous One gives us some of the illest shit I’ve heard in a while.  Fuck you if you don’t like it.  Support HERE

Epidemic & Tantu – “The Solution EP”
If you’re not on Epidemic by now get the fuck off my blog.  Seriously. Get the fuck off of here and never return.  Because they have been over saturated by every head on IG and well deserving of it.  So here we have Epidemic with Tantu’s melodic beats.  Just take it in fuckers.  Support HERE

String Theory – “String Theory”
Sweet baby Jesus in his little crib.  This project has to be my favorite from this year.  Like undoubtedly even though I said I wouldn’t rank them if I had two seconds to answer it would probably be this one.  And even though asshole out there are calling it an Epidemic album, it is actually the genius offspring from Epidemic’s HexOne & BBZ Darney.  Support HERE

Jiggy Tone & Funk Tous – “For the Record”
University of New Hampshire graduates Jiggy Tone & Funk Tous bring us the vinyl jazzy funk that heads like myself eat for every meal.  This album surprised me.  If you wanna peep, support HERE

Intention – “A Slow Separation”
California emcee Intention has been making small rumbles below the basement.  It’s not for everyone. Can be an acquired taste.  But definitely worth peeping.  Support HERE

John Robinson & PVD – “Modern Vintage”
John Robinson teams with infamous drummer/producer PVD for this organic Hip Hop album.  Peep and support HERE

Jazz Spastiks – “The Product”
Jazz Spastiks, two Scottish underground producers Coconut Delight & Mr. Manyana bring us a solid ass album yo.  These producers provided a phenomenal foundation for these emcees.  Also check out “The Product Remixes” that almost replaced this post for this piece.  Peep & support HERE

Lone Ninja – “Wave of Carnage”
Holy fuck man… this album.  If you’re not familiar with Lone Ninja, the Brooklyn emcee and member of Twin Perils with June Marx brings us an album produced exclusively by Texas producer JBL The Titan. I’m a serious fan girl of this album, deadass… go support HERE

Locksmith – “A Thousand Cuts”
Man, I’ve seen a few heads talk shit about Locksmith but this California emcee has been making waves for sometime with his freestyle talents.  Very lyrically inclined this emotional packed album hit some scars for me.  So it’s worth peeping… Support HERE

Diamond District – “March on Washington”
Joining together since 2009, DMV artists Oddisee, yU & X.O. bring us a solid album.  A lot of heads didn’t care for this.  But for me, after a few spins Oddisee’s production was able to sink in a I got the whole flow of this album.Also the recently released “Redux” album.  So go and support Mello Music Group’s artists HERE

uMaNg & B.B.Z. Darney – “The Black Rose Certificate”
Alright lets get this straight, one of my pet peeves is when heads don’t credit the producers.  Get your fucking facts straight and say it from yo chest.  But yes, this New Jersey emcee teams up again with Swedish producer B.B.Z. Darney once again to bring us this album.  Man Ill Adrenaline is bringing straight heat to the culture … Peep & Support HERE

J-Live – “Around the Sun”
Underground vet brings us his 10th album.  I don’t even need to go into this one.  Being an avid indie head you should already know of this man and his genius… Support HERE

DJ JS 1 – “It is What it Isn’t”
Holy fucking shit.  Holy fucking shit.  This album was one if I had a ranking list would be very high up there.  Shit got me doing the Harlem Shake as I type.  I’ve been a fan of JS 1 for as long as I can remember.  This amazing DJ & graffiti artist brings us this gem with a slew of amazing emcees.  Check it and support HERE

CunninLynguists – “Strange Journey Vol 3”
I’m seriously having another “holy fucking shit” moment.  Alright, anyone who knows me, you know I’m a complete fan girl for Kno. Not it a weird put your dick in my mouth way, but in a let me just sit with your collection and see you make beats kinda way.  But anyways, I’ve been a long standing fan and supporter of all QN5 artists and CunninLynguists didn’t disappoint with this.  I still spin it daily like the fan girl I am.  But I wrote a piece on this album so I’ll just leave this here… And go and support HERE

Dag Savage – “E&J”
Exile teams with California emcee Johaz to bring us this amazing album.  Most are familiar with the Dirty Science’s Exile’s production you were probably more than satisfied with this album.  And Johaz didn’t fail. Peep & support HERE

L’Orange – “Orchid Days”
A lot of people just were put on L’Orange this year.  I like seeing a good producer getting some shine. His sampling of a past era, this is truly a piece of art.  His “After the Flowers” EP released for free this year is also a gem.  Like, light some scented candles & touch yourself, 40 Year Old Virgin style.  Go & support HERE

Klaus Layer – “For the People Like Us”
If you aren’t familiar with Klaus Layer’s work please start now.  This album is still in regular roation.  Peep & Support HERE

Halfcut – “From Dungeons to Rooftops”
I can proudly say I was able to put a lot of heads onto this back in May when this was released.  Just discovering him myself, this is the kind of shit that stresses me out.  Knowing that there are amazing artists out there that I have yet to discover.  But that is the beautiful thing about our culture.  But anyways, I have nothing but amazing things to say about this humble yet amazing emcee.  Truly below the basement underground, this emcee is worth supporting.  Go check this and previous work from this emcee HERE

Fel Sweetenburg & DJ Brans – “The Invisible Garden”
This album fully produced by DJ Brans & emcee Fel Sweetenburg with cuts by DJ Brans was a beautifully constructed album coming from the Effiscienz camp.  Well worth a listen and one of my favorites this year.  Still in regular rotation.  Check it & support HERE

Soul Pete – “Soul Raw”
Soul Pete after two years quietly released this gem with a slew of indie artist.  Check it and support HERE

Tunnel Movement  – “Overlooked”
By ways of Chicago, Kwote1 & Noah being us a very dope album.  Peep & Support HERE

Your Old Droog – “Your Old Droog”
With assholes all over claiming he sounds like Nas, fuck yourselves but first peep & support that ol’ East coast shit HERE

Ivan Ave & Mndsgn – “Low Jams”
Ivan Ave by ways of Norway & LA Beat maker Mndsgn brought us “Low Jams” this year.  My old complaint: “Why the fuck only 4 joints son?”. Peep & Support HERE

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – “Pinata”
Yeah, I wrote about this on here so…yeah.  Support HERE

Pete Flux & Parental – “Traveling Thought”
Emcee Pete Flux teams with producer Parental for this amazing piece of work.  I don’t feel like speaking too much on it.  I’d rather you embrace this yourselves. Support HERE

Skyzoo & Torae – “The Barrel Brothers”
I was kind of hesitant on this album at first.  You can read my piece on it on here.  So google that shit cause they aren’t that underground.  But still dope.

Sense One & ADBeats – “Natural Selection”
By ways of RI, this duo brings us that raw underground sound. Peep & Support HERE

Black Milk – “If There’s a Hell Below”
A lot of heads had mixed feelings about this album.  Personally, I dug it… so be the judge for yourself.  Support HERE

Hex One & 5th Element – “Hologramz”
I’ll wrap this bad boy up with an album that hasn’t even released yet.  Yup, I already know I’m going to love this so wait for it.



So there y’all go.  You might not like it.  You might have questions.  You might be like; “Well, what about ___?”.  If you have those, make your own damn list.  This is just shit that has stuck to me this year.  My present to you.  Merry Christmas fuckers.  I love y’all though.